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Professional Counterbalance Training and Certification

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According to  MOL regulations It is the legal requirement of every employer to have its Employees properly trained and certified before allowing them a counterbalance forklift.
Every year there are many senseless accidents due to improper training, operators taking shortcuts or just not following safe work practises
 (OSHA Safety Board)Effective counterbalance training is essential in minimizing accidents, injuries and deaths.  If we all do our part, we can make every workplace a safer place for all.

The Counterbalance - this forklift is also known as the tow-motor or sit down counterbalance, there is also a stand up version which is essentially the same type of machine, only that the operator compartment is designed to be used while standing this is called the dockstocker or standup counterbalance.  The Counterbalance forklift is widely used in the loading and offloading of freight to and from transport trucks in all warehouse environments. It can also used for the movement of goods within a facility.
Counterbalance forklifts come in a variety of makes, designs and sizes. You can find machines that have been designed for use indoors as well as machines that can be used outdoors for use in rough terrain environments. The fuel types can also vary from propane powered machines to diesel and electrically powered ones. Although the fuel sources may vary, the actual lifting mechanism are standard on all machines, they all depend on hydraulics for their lifting and functions.
Some of the most common are Yale, Clark, Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi and Crown just to name a few. The basics are standard on all trucks although the controls placement and overall "feel" of the machines might differ. If you learn how to operate one, with a bit of practise, you will be able to adapt to the others.
After taking our counterbalance certification course, the operator will have gained the nessesary theory and required practical skills in regards to the safe and proper use of the counterbalance, the importance of doing the pre-operational safety check and also to respect the machine by using it correctly, the way it was designed to be used.
Having a counterbalance forklift certificate will expand your hiring potential and put you ahead of the crowd in the eyes of an employer.

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