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According to MOL regulations It is the legal requirement of every employer to have its Employees properly trained and certified before allowing them to operate an electric Walkie (Pallet Truck).
In Canada and the USA every year there are many senseless accidents due to improper training, operators taking shortcuts or just not following safe work practices (OSHA Safety Board). Effective Walkie Training is essential for minimizing accidents, injuries and deaths. If we all do our part, we can make every workplace a safer place for all.

Also known as the pallet truck and electric hand truck the walkie is highly used in the ground level order picking process. It is a small yet versatile and quick for loading, offloading and moving freight in a around a facility. They vary from small walk only versions to double length ride-on ones, complete with a type of booster for extra speed.

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The basics are standard on all walkie trucks although the controls placement and overall "feel" of the machines might seem different, if you learn how to operate one, with a little bit of familiarizing you will be able to adapt to any electric pallet truck.
Although small, the walkie must not be underestimated when it comes to the dangers associated to its misuse. Operators must be properly trained on exactly how dangerous this small machine could be. Some of the considerations that must be taken into account are that, the operator is exposed. Unlike other forklifts that have a protective operator's compartment, most electric walkies do not. This means that the walkie operator must always be aware and on the look out to avoid being injured.
Walkies come in a variety of models, designs and makes. Some of the most common are Raymond, Yale, Clark and Crown. Just as the name implies "Electric power truck" these machines are electrically powered. After taking our walkie certification course the operator would have been trained on the proper use and care and the machine as well as battery maintenance.


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