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Ready to take your forklift operation skills to the next level? Download our free guide to personalized forklift training at The UFT Center. Discover the top tips and strategies for safe and efficient forklift operation, and learn how our personalized training can benefit you. Don't wait - download our guide now and start your journey toward becoming a certified forklift operator.

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Certified Forklift Training by Professional Trainers to become Safe and Efficient Forklift Operators

Certified Training by Professional Trainers

Our forklift training courses are led by certified professionals who are experienced and knowledgeable in the field. They ensure trainees receive proper training to become safe and efficient forklift operators. With our certified training, our clients can be confident they will receive the best training possible.

The program is fully equipped with the right videos , very detailed instructions of do and don't. Safety is top priority. Mr David the instructor is very patient, kind and gives his full attention to each students at all times. I enjoyed my training and looking forward to practice everything I was taught.

- Magdalene Thomas

Forklift Training and Certification Courses comply with the health and safety guidelines

Compliance with Health and Safety Guidelines

The UFT Center's forklift certification courses comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) as well as the guidelines of the Canadian Safety Association and the Occupational Safety Group. We ensure that our clients are equipped with the knowledge and safety awareness necessary to operate forklifts safely, efficiently, and in compliance with regulations

Instructor was very informative and patient. Enough hands-on to provide every scenario, highly recommend!

- Patrick Jo

Customized Onsite Training ensure operators can confidently apply their skills to the job at hand

Customized Onsite Training

We offer customized onsite training to our clients, providing training at their location instead of ours. This allows companies to train their operators without the need for travel, reducing expenses and increasing convenience. Our trainers work with the trainees to ensure that they understand the theory and practical aspects of the training and can confidently apply their skills to the job at hand.

​​ I had a wonderful time at this place. Our instructor David is such a kind guy. I felt very confident at every step of the training. Highly recommend!

- Brian