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The Ultimate Forklift Training Center

A professional and detail oriented forklift training center, providing ministry approved operator training to corporate and individual clients in all areas of the GTA. Our goal is to train efficient and safe forklift operators, becoming an asset wherever you may be or end up working.

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We guarantee hands-on certified thorough training! 



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Our forklift training courses provide the new operator the knowledge to confidently operate any type of forklift machine, with safety being the number one priority.

The forklift certificate courses entail the fundamentals to be a professional and safe forklift operator. In our courses, we ensure that instructions are clear and that thorough detail is provided. New operators are taught basic theory on functionality of forklift machines and importance of the pre-operational inspections, in according with legal requirements in Ontario. 

The practical portion of our training is a hands-on experience. The individual will be slowly introduced to functions and operations of the machine, always under supervision. They will be carefully and patiently led as they learn how to operate and ultimately work with these type of machines.

Image by Jake Nebov
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My friend recommended me to The UFT Center, and truly they are the best. They taught me every machine with patience.

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I had the best training. Excellent! I recommend everyone to come to The UFT Center.

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I feel very comfortable, and they are very friendly. Very good experience!

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