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According to MOL regulations It is the legal requirement of every employer to have its Employees properly trained and certified before allowing them to operate a Telehandler Boom Lift.

In Canada and the USA Every year there are many senseless accidents due to improper training, operators taking shortcuts or just not following safe work practices (OSHA Safety Board). Effective AWP Training is essential for minimizing accidents, injuries and deaths. If we all do our part, we can make every workplace a safer place for all.

Also know as the Zoom Boom, this versatile machine is very commonly used in construction sites and similar work environments. Used in the moving of freight and materials thru-out the worksite and also in the supplying of materials to workers in level ground as well as rough terrain.

Forklift Certification Ontario

It is also know as a variable reach machine due to the fact that is has the reaching capabilities. The Telehandler can be compared to a counterbalance as well as a reach machine since it has, somewhat similar functions as both of those machines. When picking up and moving a load it performs similar to a counterbalance, when the load needs to be elevated and set in a high location, it has the ability to reach out to great heights and distances. Our telehandler training course will help you understand the workings of this machine and all safe operating procedures that are to be followed.


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