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The Raymond Reach, named after the Raymond Corporation back in the 1920's, is another common forklift truck that we see in every warehouse. The Reach Truck belongs to a family of machines known as narrow-aisle machines.

This machine revolutionized the way companies could manage their warehouse space and racking system. Prior to the birth of this versatile forklift, companies were limited to the maneuvering and lifting height capacities of the sit down counterbalance. The spacing between racking systems was very wide and not too high. The reach truck has the capabilities of turning in half the space and lifting up to twice the height of the counterbalance and it also has the ability of extending or retracting its forks.

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Certification Goals and Expectations

In the hands of a properly trained and experienced reach truck operator, this machine could be essential in the process put-away and recovering freight to and from racking locations. Once the counterbalance has done its job offloading product onto the dock, it's usually the reach truck that will take over and complete the process into storage locations. These trucks are electrically powered and rely on hydraulics for the lifting and functions. Once the basics are learned, an operator can pick-up and adapt to any other type of reach machine. ​

Just like on any other machine, an operator will learn to:

  • Be respectful and aware of the proper operating procedures prior to operating one of these machines.
  • Understand these safety concepts by providing you with the required theory followed by detailed hands on training.
  • Be safe and avoid bad habits, something that many "experienced operators" have and we strongly discourage.

The focus must be on being a safe and efficient reach truck operator, with everyone's safety in mind. This will help to create a great working environment for all.

We strongly recommend operators who get a reach truck certificate to also get counterbalance certification. This will help increase their hiring potential, as it is appealing to employers.


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