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We offer Scissorlift / Aerial Work Platform Training in Brampton and the GTA

According to  MOL regulations It is the legal requirement of every employer to have its Employees

properly trained and certified before allowing them to operate a Aerial Work Platform.

In Canada and the USA Every year there are many senseless accidents due to improper training, operators taking shortcuts or just not following safe work practises (OSHA Safety Board)Effective AWP Training is essential for minimizing accidents, injuries and deaths.  If we all do our part, we can make every workplace a safer place for all.

The Scissorlift is part of the aerial work platform family of machines. These machines are highly used, but not limited to construction sites.  The uses for these machines could be for running electrical wiring, telephone and computer lines, they are used for maintenance duties and sometimes for doing Inventory. Basically these machines can access high areas safely and allow the operator to work comfortably.  The scissorlift comes in a variety of makes, models and designs. The aerial work platforms family consists of a smaller version of scissorlift which is called the Man Up, as well as Boom Lifts, Trailer Mounted Booms and Self Propelled Booms. Some of the most commonly used brands are Skyjack, Genie, Skytrack and Snorkel. 

Although most machines are electrically powered, diesel and propane powered machine are also available. The basics are standard on all trucks although the controls placement and overall "feel" of the machines might seem different, if you learn how to operate one, with a little bit of practise you will be able to adapt to the others. 

Aerial work platforms are not at all difficult to operate; they all do basically the same thing.  This would be to, lift the operator to a specific point and then back down.  Unlike other lift machines (forklifts) the traveling speed on these machines is very slow, in comparison.  This is also a part of the design built into the machine for safety purposes.

What makes these machines dangerous is the fact that the operator will be working at heights, according to ministry regulations this would imply that the operator should also have Fall Arrest Training before operating any one of these machines.

By taking our scissorlift training course you will qualify to operate anyone of these machines, all you would need is just to familiarize yourself with the controls on the specific machine, be sure you do your pre-operational safety check, ensure you wear your safety harness, follow all the safety rules and only use the lift for what is was designed for.


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