We offer Forklift Training in Toronto and the GTA

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Corporate Training

Recertification now only $75, Need us to come to you? No problem, if you are in Toronto, The GTA or beyond, we will do our best to accommodate your on-site Forklift Training needs. The size of your group is not an issue no matter the size, the same attention and care will be given to all trainees. 

Properly trained employees ultimately benefit everyone, are more efficient and help create a safe working environment for all.  We invite you to have a look at all of our courses offered.

For Re-certification, Refresher or Beginners courses" The UFT Center is your best choice, we take pride in knowing that our students will be safety conscious material handlers and operators. 

Our training consists of a video presentation alongside verbal instruction as well as question and answer periods throughout. This is followed by a written test which consists of multiple choice questions.  Passing students will then proceed to the practical portion of the training.  Only those who successfully pass both the theory and practical portions will then be granted a certificate deeming them competent on the specific type of machine.  For those who are not successful, additional theory, assistance or explanation can be given, we understand that not all learn at the same pace or level.  For some it could just be a simple "rephrasing" or "re-wording" in order to comprehend.  

No matter the issue..........We are here to help!

Take advantage of our corporate forklift training packages register, call or book today.  You'll be glad you did .              ....Testimonials