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We offer Orderpicker Training in Brampton and the GTA

Orderpicker Recertification now only $75 - Also known as the cherrypicker and part of the narrow aisle family of trucks, the orderpicker truck is designed to elevate the operator to and from racking locations.  This capability has resulted in better use of racking and warehouse space usage.  Most distribution facilities would traditionally have the products to be picked at floor level, where workers would fill the orders riding on a walkie. Although some facilities may still use this method, filling orders with an orderpicker allows the facility to run more efficiently and eliminates the constant replenishing required by another operator on a reach truck, therefore saving time.

Even though this machine is relatively simple to use and does not have as many functions as other forklifts, it cannot be considered that it is immune to accidents or not dangerous.  Due to the fact that the operator is lifted to great heights a safety harness must be worn by the operator at all times.  This makes the orderpicker equally or even more dangerous.  According to Ministry Guidelines anyone working at specified heights must have Fall Arrest Training.  Therefore orderpicker certification must also include Fall Arrest Certification.

These machines come in a variety of models, designs and makes. Some of the most common ones are Raymond, Yale, Clark, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Crown. These machines are electrically powered trucks that also implement the use of hydraulics. The basic functions are standard on all trucks, the placement of the controls and overall "feel" of the machines might seem different however if you learn how to operate one, with a little bit of practise you will be able to adapt to any other orderpicker machine easily.

We offer orderpicker training in Brampton and the GTA, our certification course consists of all required theory and practical safety principles, such as the importance of the pre-operational safety check, the do's and don'ts while operating at heights and the importance of always wearing the safety harness.

For the Distribution and logistics environment this is a great addition to your resume as a forklift operator and companies will generally pay a bit more than a regular "floor level" orderpicker (worker).


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