“It Ultimately comes down to Safety”
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Attention:  Don't be fooled by careful with those who offer quick certification with just a few hours of training.  They are not interested in your training, they just want your money.  We encourage you to ask questions, are they qualified & certified to train? Is the training formal , professional & detailed?  Is the facility designed with you in mind as a student?  Will they actually help in finding you work afterwards?  Remember, anyone can place an and on Kijiji (for free).  Spend your money wisely.  At the UFT Center we guarantee your satisfaction because we actually care & we take pride in properly training all of our students.

Forklift recertification $75 - We are offering "Evening Classes" for a limited time, register today.  Legitimate Job Assist program also in effect.....


The UFT Centre offers various forklifts training programs; we accommodate new operators and also recertification for experienced forklift operators.  Our Forklift certification courses can be considered a essential step for those individuals who are looking to better their job status.  If you are currently unemployed, by becoming a certified forklift operator you will be greatly boosting your hiring potential. If you are a general labourer and are tired of doing only manual work, having forklift certification can help you move up on the workplace ladder.  We all get tired of doing manual labour, why not get trained and certified to operate one or all of these machines?  Save your back and let the machine do the work. Certified Forklift Operators generally get a higher wage then workers that are not. If you are intimidated by these machines, don't be, they are not at all difficult to operate.  As with anything in life, all you need is the desired to learn and a willing, patient teacher.  Our trainees are never pressured to quickly learn or rushed through a revolving door.  We are willing to let you learn at your pace and will patiently guide you throughout your learning process.  The sense of pride, once you are certified will not only be yours alone, it will be shared by your instructor.  No matter whether you are in Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto or GTA our training center is easily accessible by car or public transportation.  Let the Ultimate Forklift Training Center be your choice for your forklift training needs. Satisfaction is guaranteed and we will not disappoint.



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